Attention all pet owners!

If you have a fish, cat, dog, horse, bunny, bird or anything else fluffy, feathery or scaly- I'd REALLY like your honest opinion please!

As a pet owner, what do you think about the idea of a caricature of your pet?

Example WIP:

I'm collecting opinions because I'm curious as to if there would be a market for this if someone were willing to offer it (namely, me!).  Please take a second if you have a little 4 legged loved one to let me know whether you like this idea, don't like it or like it but would want it modified some (various options, more realistic, less realistic, ect).



  1. I think it's a great idea! The WIP looks good, but I think full-body would be better.

    Maybe besides only the drawing you could also let it print on mugs, mousepads, etc. and offer that to the owners as well.

  2. I'll definitely try out your suggestions and the idea about adding other merchandise is awesome! Thanks Nancy!