My new ebook!

Hey guys! Sorry for the quietness around here. Since the start of the year, I've been working hard on an ebook as well as revamping up my old Colourisma site. Long time vistiors to my blog might remember the site ;)

I revamped Colourisma mostly because I wanted to give something back to the greater illustration community, but also because I felt it was a good place to have the articles that I wanted to share. I wanted to keep my personal blog more art-oriented.

My first ebook is now available through Colourisma and it's all about how to go about finding your first client as an illustrator. I have been told it works for other disciplines such as writing and graphic design, but it was written with illustrators in mind.

If you'd like a copy, it's on sale for $9.99 until March 1st! Be sure to pick up a copy if you feel you've been struggling to find your next client!

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