Final of Jett's Memorial Portrait

Jett was a special horse to me and the whole barn where I ride.

I started riding a little more than a year ago and he was the horse I took my first lesson on. I'd ridden here and there before, very sporadically, but never consistently and never on the same horse twice. Jett was my only lesson horse for quite a few months. I'd moved to different horses at the barn, but I always liked his calm, even temper (though sometimes he was TOO calm- "Trot Jett!"). It also didn't hurt that he was an Arabian/Quarter Horse cross. I really love Arabians and I felt privileged to be able to be around one that was so sweet and great tempered.

This is my memorial to such a great horse. I really miss him and wish that he could have been with us longer.

Love you Jett!