Knight Enemy Final

Sorry about the lack of update on Friday. I was waiting to hear back from the commissioner and get the "ok" to move onto the next piece. Good thing too! I got a good suggestion that I think really improved the piece. 

Here's the Knight Enemy, commissioned by Fasolt Publishing for their RPG!


  1. Aah looks great! The only thing that really pops is the flatness of the blade.

    I'm glad you started blogging again!

  2. Björn- Thanks! Yeah, the blade was difficult, I struggled with it because my model was a wooden sword, which obviously is a bit different than a regular one. I'll keep practicing!

    Thanks :D I plan to keep up with it too now that I can crosspost a lot more easily (I update two sites and it sends it to 6 instead of all 6 manually). I appreciate the support :)