Baby Andalite Redesign

I was looking at one of my baby Andalite pictures I did a while ago and realised the legs were WAY too stubby so I decided to rectify that problem. 

I always figured that baby Andalites had these long foal-like legs with a chubbier upper torso. Their legs would be the same height as an adult Andalite, much like a lot of ungulates. I considered prey animals and many young have long fluffy hair along their backs (I was keeping baby king cheetahs in mind for reference). I figure the tail could stick up while they crouch in the grass and do a fair impression of a sapling Derrishoul Tree. :)

I'm getting all the feels for Animorphs and Andalites again. Comic is starting back up and I'm almost done with an Aldrea piece I'm pretty pumped about. Stay tuned!

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