Pit Bull Charity Auction Piece

Sorry for the low res picture. That's part of the reason I don't like doing real media, I don't have a great camera (yay 1st gen iPhone) and it's hard for me to get access to a scanner or a good camera before the piece has to be shipped off. This watercolour piece is for the charity auction going on at Busy Bee in downtown Raleigh on Feb 19th from 4pm-6pm. If you're in town, you should totally stop by! All proceeds are going to help spay and neuter local pit bulls. The only thing I'm getting out of this is exposure!

So, here's the ultimate in irony for you: I just finished this piece on Friday for the pit bull charity and last night going home, I almost hit a pit bull on my drive home. D:

It was 11pm and it was a dark, winding road with no where to pull off. I was going 45 mph and this pittie darts in front of my car to get at the road kill in the middle of the road. I screech to a halt and stop just in time. By the time I'm fully stopped, I can't even see the bully's head, just his back and tail. He was so close to the front of my car. I honk my horn and he just barely startles each time, so I have to manually roll down my window and yell at him to get out of the road. He finally listens and gets out of the road just in time before a car comes rushing past the opposite direction. I was just scared for him, I didn't want him to get hit. I know not everyone on that road is as observant at night. Hopefully he made it ok :(

Pro tip: Be a responsible pet owner, keep your dog in your yard!

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