3 Reasons Why Painting Your Pet Makes Me Happy

It's no secret that I love animals. I have for a really long time, my first pet wasn't a cat or a dog, but a ferret, so that seemed to set the course for what was normal in my life. I've surrounded myself with all manner of pets from bettas to crested geckos, corn snakes to a hedgehog. Also, I've lived with your more standard cats and dogs. 

I definitely can't pick a favourite!

Here are the top 3 reasons why painting your pet makes me so happy:

1. Practicing my animal anatomy skills 
Anatomy chart from Animal Anatomy Class
I am constantly working to improve my skills as an artist. Whether I'm learning a new media, taking classes taught by industry professionals or going to events, workshops and shows, I'm always learning. Painting and drawing different species and breeds helps refine my skill set. Also, it helps me to experiment with shape, form and colour, especially when I've drawn that particular breed before. 

2. Getting animal pictures in my inbox

Durango, a client's pet
It doesn't hurt that one of the perks of the job is seeing cute pictures of animals. Most people see some kind of animal in their social media newsfeed, to have adorable animal pictures sent directly to you and then staring at the photos while working on the art definitely makes me happy. 

I mean, look at Durango up there. How cute?!

3. Living vicariously through your pets
Sabrina, the Keeshond
Currently, I don't have any pets of my own, though I do live with a fuzzy Keeshond, ride horses at my barn and pet sit. By seeing your pet and drawing them, it's like your pet becomes a part of my life. I know my artwork will be hanging in your house and we're a part of each other's lives. That's definitely something that makes me smile.


Do you have a favourite pet picture? Post it in the comments- I'd love to see!

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