21 Things to Try BEFORE you get upset...

I've been there, you've been there. As a freelance artist, we all know it's hard. 

It's easy to feel like you've tried absolutely everything there is to try and you still aren't getting where you want to be in your art career. I feel down from time to time when I'm putting a ton of effort in, but receiving nothing back in return. 

But before I get upset again, I've created this handy dandy list of generic "To Do's" to make sure that the effort I'm putting in is actually furthering my career and I'm not just getting bogged down with busy work, ending up feeling like I'm spinning my wheels for all my effort. 

Have you tried...
  1. Drawing/painting anything?
  2. Updating social media with a post of at least a sketch/ art materials?
  3. Writing a blog post?
  4. Updating social media?
  5. Updating your website?
  6. Updating online art galleries with current work (Deviantart, ArtStation, CG Society)?
  7. Sending out a newsletter in the past week?
  8. Submitting to companies (same one every 3 months)?
  9. Drawing fan art and posted it within the past week (promotion to get your art "out there", not to sell it)?
  10. Contacting previous commissioners/ companies to see if they have any more work (every 3-6 months)?
  11. Looking at job board sites for relevant art positions/ gigs?
  12. Applying for relevant art positions/ gigs?
  13. Reaching out to people of influence to see if they wouldn't mind sharing a recent post and/or blog entry (choose different people each time)?
  14. Reaching out to news aggregates to share your recent art/ blog post?
  15. Offering something for sale?
  16. Promote items for sale on social media?
  17. Promote your Patreon/ Kickstarter/ Website merch?
  18. Post art without "selling" it?
  19. Posting something to help people?
  20. Commenting on other people's posts on social media?
  21. Posting other people's art you like?

If you do all this and still nothing happens, you're allowed to be sad. Because... that sucks. But then you should probably try something from the list again once you're feeling better.

I hope you can find the list helpful and if you have anything to contribute to the list, feel free to leave a comment with your suggestion :)

Thanks for reading!