Rainbow Boa Macaw

A colourful creature, the Rainbow Boa Macaw is a cunning predator of the rainforest. The Boa Macaw's primary technique for capturing prey is to fly within the canopy, swooping in and wrapping it's powerful tail around prey to constrict it. Capable of a variety of vocalisations, it is a social creature and groups of 20 or more create a cacophony of sound. Like members of the boa constrictor family, they are able to unhinge their jaw in order to consume larger prey such as medium sized monkeys and birds. They possess a proto-beak that allow them to preen their own feathers as well as the feathers of group and family members. The lay eggs and have broods of up to 15 young at a time. Nests are large and both parents feed their young until they are old enough for flight.