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It's always something, right?

Today, I'm overly distracted by financial stuff. I have a few commissions to finish, but I keep having thoughts of, "Oh! Post to FB! Post to Twitter!Maybe any or all of these things will help get more commissions!" Since it's something "quick and easy" to do, over the harder work of actually finishing something, then I keep allowing myself to be distracted.

The key for me is to get all of these distractions out of the way. Some people say to tamp them down and ignore them, but honestly? It's productive procrastination. It's not playing games or surfing the endless scroll of your feeds for hours, it really *could* help and they're worth doing. I tend to make a list of all these seemingly frivolous action items, then I get to work doing them. The sooner they're done, the sooner my brain will shut up about them and move on to focusing on the harder thing, like the artwork.

While there is a large "eat that…

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