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What if babies cry when they're born because they realised their immortal existence has just been ripped away and they've just been placed in a mortal body?

I've been thinking a lot about the concept of immortality. What it means to have a purpose in life. Why no one seems upset about their own death until it's far too late to properly mourn for their own life.

It's not out of a depression I have these thoughts. It's out of a fierce right to exist. A deep and immeasurable devastation at the thought that this all has to end one day. And my complete and utter bafflement, boarding on abject horror, at the sheer amount of "okness" everyone seems to have with this concept.

I'm not sure what's worse... Someone who knows it has to end and wants to control that ending or someone who never wants it to end and will never submit to the idea that it must. I have my ideas on which is more tragic. And I don't think it's the person who can accept re…

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